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K911's Animal Ambulance


Deceased Pet Removal

To many pet owners, the loss of a four-legged companion takes on the same importance as the loss of a family member. Regardless of the size of your pet, in the event they should pass away K-911’s Deceased Pet Removal service will gently remove them with the utmost dignity and respect they deserve. K-911 can offer you their communal Aquamation or a private Aquamation. K-911 now works with an Aquamation center called ECO PASSAGE . If you desire a commemorative service, ask K-911 for your options. Some may not understand the profound sense of loss that one feels when their pet passes away, but here at K-911 we truly understand as we too have experienced the loss of own four-legged companions.
We are there for you and your pet, from emergency care to the afterlife. With one phone call, all your pet's needs will be taken care of. You will never be alone in the event anything happens to your pet.

What options do I have for my pet’s afterlife care?

When you contact K-911, we not only offer a dignified and respectful deceased pet removal, we can also offer you our Aquamation services, this way you deal with K-911 directly for your entire pet’s afterlife care needs.
In some cases, we lose our loved ones too early and we need answers as to why and how this could have happened so we can have closure and start the grieving process. In this case you should contact your vet and request a necropsy which will render you the results you need to put your mind at ease. K-911 will be there to help transport your pet to the proper facilities.

K-911 also offers the following services in helping you with your pet’s afterlife care:

  • Private Aquamation * See Aquamations & urns

  • Communal Aquamations * See Aquamations & urns

  • Transportation to your pet’s veterinary

  • Transport for necropsy

  • Transport to a pet cemetery

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