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K911's Animal Ambulance 24/7


K911's Emergency Transport

K-911’s Emergency Transport service is where we come to your home 24/7 in helping you with your pet. When your pet becomes sick, injured, on the attack, signs of behavioral problems, etc… and you need to get them to their local vet or hospital, Call K911. Our team are certified in Pet First Aid, Pet CPR and Oxygen therapy for animals and we are trained in handling and securely transporting your pet without adding further injuries in any situation that may arise 24-7.


We provide a 24-7 transport & assistance services for the following :

K-911 Animal Ambulance will go to your home to assist & transport you pet(s) in emergency & non-emergency situations and transport them directly to your clinic or hospital.

Here are some examples of what K-911 can do for you in helping your pets receive medical care at your clinic or hospital:

- Pet is aggressive and your client cannot approach him/her

- Pet is sick and he/she cannot walk

- Pet is having seizures

- Pet needs an MRI, CT scan, & or Ultra-sound etc…

- Pet is too heavy and your client cannot lift him/her

- Pet passes away day or night

- Pet needs to meet his/her vet appointment

- Pet needs transport to & from the airport

- Pet lives on the 2nd or 3rd floor and cannot descent without help

- Your clients pet requires blood from a blood bank or a blood transfusion.

- You need a special transport to pick up semen from the airport

- You require transport for an emergency euthanasia.

- Client requests a transport for a necropsy.

- You require an In-Home euthanasia for your pet.

And when you require a dignified and compassionate transport for your pet whether to and or from your pets veterinarian or for his/her after care needs, K911 will be there to help you through these difficult times for you and your pet 24-7.

Most important, remember to trust your instincts. You know and love your pet, and you have the right to be worried if something seems wrong. Do not hesitate to contact your vet or the emergency animal hospitals and voice your concerns.

K-911 works in collaboration with all the emergency animal hospitals and we are working together to provide the best quality care for your pets. While en route with your pet, K-911 informs the emergency hospital better preparing them upon our arrival as we work as a team when it comes to saving your pet(s) life.

Emergency 24-7 veternarian’s Contacts:

Centre DMV, Lachine, Blainville & St-Hubert - 514-633-8888

Centre Vétérinaire Rive-Sud, Brossard - 450-656-3660

Centre vétérinaire Laval, Laval - 450-656-3660

Faculté médicine vétérinaire, St-Hyacinthe - 450-778- 8111


Please note that the Pet Home Care & Home Euthanasia services are from:

Monday- Friday: 9:00 am – 7:00pm

Saturday – Sunday: 10:00am – 4:00pm*

K911 Foundation

Please make a donation on behalf of your pet or in memory of your pet in helping us provide veterinarian care for homeless animals including the injured and sick wildlife.





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