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K911's Animal Ambulance



Montreal Area Pet Rescues

M Wayne Smith,

Le Centre vetérinaire DMV est fier de compter K911 Ambulance parmi ses partenaires d’affaires. Il est bon de savoir que nous pouvons compter sur votre service de transport d’animaux malades si nous devons transférer un de nos patients vers l’un de nos centres de proximité à St-Hubert ou à Blainville, ou vers notre centre principal à Lachine.

Votre service 24h/24 offert 7 jours par semaine est un précieux atout pour le Centre DMV. Nos clients ne sont pas toujours en mesure d’assurer le transport de leur compagnon. Nous les confions en toute confiance à votre équipe dévouée. Nous savons que vous ferez tout en votre pouvoir pour leur assurer un transport sécuritaire tout en voyant à leur bien-être.

La grande région de Montréal est bien chanceuse de pouvoir compter sur K911 Ambulance. Il est rassurant de savoir que, jour et nuit, nos animaux de compagnie ont accès à un transport médical animalier vers leur vétérinaire ou vers le Centre vétérinaire DMV.

Nous vous félicitons pour votre excellent travail et votre professionnalisme.

Dre Caroline De Jaham

DMV, MSc, Diplomate ACVD (Dermatologie)

Directrice Générale


Three weeks ago, on June 16, my sweet, and dearest friend, Leah was living her last hours.  Although we can never be fully prepared when it's time to say our last goodbyes, I consider I was lucky to have had several precious hours to spend loving her and to come to terms with the inevitable.

I loved every minute I spent taking care of my ailing 4-legged friend, but in the end I could no longer bear watching her agony. I finally resigned myself to ask for help.  And help I got from you two and Dr. Lalonde.  I feel I was fortunate and privileged to be able to stay at home and keep Leah where she had been most happy for all of her 15 years of life and to have her being in my arms for that final breath.  I will always be grateful for the support and the respect you provided while I was going through these rough times.

This is why I need to express to both of you once again my truest and most sincere gratitude.  The service you provided was so greatly needed, appreciated and comforting that it is difficult to find the proper words to express properly those emotions I feel inside when I think back on that day.

Of course, I will cherish the memories of Leah's life forever, but I will also remember the 3 'earth angels' who were there at such a crucial and special moment.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!



Rodney and Wayne,

Thank you for your professionalism and kindness at such a devastating time for our family.
The Sheehan Family


Dear Rodney,

I am offering you this for your site, and personally want to thank you for all your help with Lugh last night. Just to provide you with some personal information, the vet said just to stabilize him it would cost $1500, ad that was out whole budget. After that it would have been another $4500 for a week of hospitalization. His condition had deteriorated to the point where she had seen nothing like it in 10 yrs! They said his heart was strong, but the combination of the diabetes and pancreatitis was extremely complicated. Of course I hope I won't have to see you again for at least a few years, but if I do, I know what great service to expect. Thank you, from myself, and Christine, and of course...the memory of Lugh.


I originally found the service when I was reading Mirror magazine one day, and thought it would be a great resource to have, as I had 4 cats and 2 dogs. When it came time to go on vacation, I wanted to bring my dogs to the Spaw where they could enjoy themselves too. I gave K911 a call, and sure enough they were willing to do it. I must say though the sight of an animal ambulance showing up on St-Denis was quite a sight, especially to load 2 healthy dogs! The service was great, so I called them back when it was time to move. Again they showed up and provided excellent service. Recently, one of my dogs did require the actual service of the ambulance, sadly. This time, the lights were flashing, and the technician came along with Rodney. Out came the stretcher, and all mandatory questions were asked, and my dog Lugh was evaluated on the spot. He was then transported quickly to the DMV, again an excellent service in a time of need. I will always be grateful to Rodney and his team."
Leah McDonald


On behalf of my husband Andy and I Elena, we want to thank-you for guiding and taking care of my beloved Sparky on June 26, 2011. I was in a panic on June 26th, knowing that my Sparky's time has come and we had to put him to rest. We had no idea or did not know that K911 animal ambulance exists? We had a reference from a vet that does home euthanasia, and with his guidance he lead us to K911. 

K911 not only exists but also guides you to make the right decision about the special care they do for your animal.

I believe in saving an animal there is to many animals abandoned or neglected, and my Sparky was saved 14 yrs ago,

and he was my little angel, so precious, gentle, great personality, could get along with any other animal. Never did any

damage or hurt anyone. He was loved and he gave us unconditional love.  

We noticed that Rodney and Wayne have great respect and love for animals, and thank god they exist and i wish you all the luck and god bless you all for doing a wonderful thing. When you wrapped up my precious Sparky in a blanket and picked him up and brought him inside the ambulance in a gentle manner and assured me that he will be

in good hands. I trust that your kind words and gentle manner i did not thought it. What a small world it is, right after

i was told from another individual that i have no worries that K911 Wayne & Rodney are true and professional people they will always do the right honorable thing. I want to thank Tanya for being part of K911.

We thank-you Elena & Andy


Dear Wayne and Rodney,

My husband and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts, for all you have done for Zorro and for us.

Losing our beloved Zorro was the hardest thing we have yet been through. Your help and caring meant more to us than you will ever know.

Please contact us when you do a fund raiser, we will be more than happy to help you in return.

Johnny and Sonia


Good afternoon to all of you,

I just wanted to tell you again how much I appreciated your love and care when Race passed. It will be a year in August. I don't think that my son Tom and I could have gotten through it without you. Race was our 13 year old blonde Lab baby and there is not a day that goes by that I don't miss him. NDG is a dog crazy area and, of course, all of Race's dog friends and their owners still remember him. All of the lovely stories still are told. Race used to drool – in the Fall he would pick up dried leaves with his drool and we would call it "droolery". In the winter it would freeze and we'd call it “droolcycles”! Always loved, never forgotten…

About two weeks after Race passed I had a heart attack. Luckily for me I was in time to have an angioplasty and made a full recovery. But being alone at home without my favorite boy was difficult. I missed having the companionship. So, I adopted a little eight year old female Coton du Tulear called Nala. It's really weird how much her personality reminds me of Race. Very laid back and, as my son says, a mama's girl. I feel I was able to give my heart to Nala because Race wouldn't have wanted me to be alone. And, because of you, I was able to do my best for Race right to the end.

I've told everyone about your services and how you made that experience bearable. You have my highest recommendation. Know that you've made a difference for all of us who called on you for support and services in the toughest times for pet owners.

All of my love,

Jill Lance


Wow! Amazing! Thank you so much for existing!

I believe it was Mar.16, 11 - Jazz(13 year old Choc.Lab) had collapsed and I freaked out,lost it and called you guys. Had your tel. number from a newspaper interview a number of years ago. Had it in my cell ever since and now I'm Emailing everyone to make sure they know about you guys!

The staff that came were amazingly professional in my hysterics of the moment. Sorry I don't remember names but Thank You so much!

  Jazz is doing very well. 

Alan Hazek & Jazz


We are most grateful for your sincere compassion and professionalism. Our hearts are still heavy with pain.
Losing a beloved pet delivers a heavy blow. Your sympathy and gentleness were greatly appreciated.
Mr. & Mrs. Martellacci


We would like to say “Thank You so much for what you did for our dog Jack. Jack was a terrier who was kicked by a horse. We brought him to our vet where he had internal bleeding and a collapsed lung. He had to be transferred to the CHUVM in St-Hyacinth which is about 1.5 hrs from our home and our veterinary clinic. He had to be transferred due to our vet closing at 8:00pm so we were told to contact K-911 and ask for their help. When you showed up with all your medical equipment we were still in a panic but felt a sense of relief. You placed jack in an oxygen chamber onto a stretcher and Jack was able to receive his pain medications through fluids. You then came to see me to assure us that Jack was in good hands and then you asked us in the event Jack flat lines should we resuscitate DMR and we replied "Yes". You gave us an extra GPS so we could find our way down to the CHUMV because you would have to travel a lot faster than normal for Jack. By the time we got to the CHUVM, Jack was already in the hands at the CHUVM where they started working on him immediately..... At Midnight that night Jack had passed away... We were so devasted that we did not even had a chance to say thank you.... It took us weeks before we could even mention his name and we just want to say "Thank you". You showed professionalism in handling Jack, you treated him with respect & dignity and showed us compassion at the same time... We don't know how to thank you for allowing us to have a few more hours with him before he left us.... All I think about is if K911 were not there and we had no choice to have him put to sleep I think I would have went insane... But knowing that we did our best to try and save him ...thanks to K911 and knowing he passed away on his own is a bit comforting to us... If there is anything you need please let us know as you are truly angels and we were so happy that you were there in our time of need!!!

Diane & George







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